Environmental Systems Modeling


Environmental Systems Modeling and Risk Assessment

Environmental Systems Modeling

GoldSim simulation software allows you to model complex, real-world multi-media environmental systems and assess the risk of those environmental systems. Using Monte Carlo simulation, you can explicitly represent the uncertainty inherent in environmental systems in order to carry out environmental risk assessments, formulate environmental management plans, evaluate potential environmental impacts, and make better environmental planning and resource management decisions. By combining the flexibility of a general-purpose and highly-graphical probabilistic simulation framework with specialized modules to support mass transport modeling, GoldSim has the power and flexibility to build ‘total system” models of any kind of environmental engineering system simulation, ranging from disposal facilities, mines, and hazardous waste sites to watersheds, wetlands or entire ecosystems.


GoldSim can be used for a wide range of environmental modeling applications, most of which fall into the categories listed below. You can follow these links to learn more:

  • Water Resources and Hydrological Modeling. This includes municipal water resources management and water supply planning; simulation of the transport and fate of contaminants (or natural constituents such as microbes) in aquifers, wetlands, lakes and other ecosystems; and water balances and water quality management at constructed facilities.
  • Mining Water Balance, Water Quality Modeling, and Waste Management. This includes mine water management; simulation of contaminant transport and environmental compliance; evaluation of mine closure options; and mine waste management.
  • Radioactive and Hazardous Waste Management. This includes performance and safety assessments of proposed and existing radioactive waste management sites; and evaluation of the performance of existing or proposed landfills, hazardous waste sites and engineered disposal facilities.
  • Ecological and Biological Modeling. This includes simulation of the transport and fate of pharmaceuticals and other compounds within biological systems (e.g., physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling), ecosystem modeling, and studies of population dynamics
  • Human Health Risk Assessment. This includes simulation of the effect of toxins, contaminants and other environmental hazards on human health, simulation of the transmission of infectious diseases, and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling of drugs and contaminants in humans.
  • Probabilistic Risk Analysis in the Oil & Gas Industry. This includes probabilistic reserves analysis, capital project planning, risk analysis of new or unique technologies, reliability analysis and decommissioning and closure studies.

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