GoldSim Customer Care: Technical Support, User Resources, Training and Consulting

The GoldSim Technology Group is dedicated to providing complete solutions for our customers. We pride ourselves in providing prompt and extensive support and resources to our users, and are committed to ensuring that each installation of our software is successful and adds value to the customer.

Help Center

The GoldSim Help Center is the place to start for those seeking help. From there, you can access the following resources:


  • Technical support to address installation issues, answer questions on how to use GoldSim, and help analyze and optimize models.
  • The GoldSim Forum, where you can you can post questions to the GoldSim community, or just browse existing messages.
  • Articles on licensing questions and modeling tips.
  • An archive of past GoldSim webinars.

Additional Resources

Other resources (outside of the Help Center) include:

  • The GoldSim Library, which includes a Model Library and an Image Library.
  • Periodic webinars to demonstrate GoldSim features and capabilities.
  • The GoldSim Blog, which provides an informal mechanism for GoldSim staff to share their knowledge, point out some of the more advanced (and perhaps overlooked) GoldSim features, share and discuss common mistakes we see in GoldSim applications, discuss interesting applications, and keep you abreast of our plans for further GoldSim developments.
  • A LinkedIn Group, which we primarily use for announcements (e.g., new versions, interesting applications).
  • Periodic User Conferences that allow users to meet the GoldSim team and other GoldSim users from all over the world.
  • Periodic email newsletters to keep you up to date on the latest GoldSim news.
  • Training opportunities to allow you to get the most out of GoldSim.
  • Access to GoldSim consultants to help you build your models.


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