Academic & Research Versions


GoldSim Versions for Students, Teachers, Professors and Academic Researchers

Because we feel GoldSim is such a powerful and flexible tool, and because some of our best feedback and suggestions for improving GoldSim come from students, researchers, and teachers, we provide GoldSim to teachers and students at no cost, and to academic researchers at a significantly reduced price (a 75% discount off the commercial license price).

To date, GoldSim is being used at over 200 academic institutions in nearly 40 countries worldwide.

GoldSim Academic

GoldSim Academic offers the same powerful features as GoldSim except that models built using GoldSim Academic are limited to 500 elements or less (GoldSim is unlimited). GoldSim Academic includes all the GoldSim modules. GoldSim Academic does not include basic support but you can join our User Forum to read other's questions and submit your own questions. GoldSim Academic licenses have a limited duration (typically 6 months), but can be renewed.

If you are a student, teacher or professor, and you think you qualify for GoldSim Academic, fill out the GoldSim Academic Application Form.

Restrictions and Terms

  • Academic licenses are intended to be used for teaching and "internally funded" graduate student research (i.e., student research funded at a low-level, typically using departmental funds) at non-profit academic institutions.
  • Academic licenses are not intended for private or government research institutions or for "externally funded" research (i.e., sponsored research projects or research carried out by staff) at academic institutions. If you wish to use GoldSim on these types of research projects, you would need to purchase either a GoldSim Research or GoldSim commercial license.
  • Academic licenses cannot be used for consulting or other commercial purposes.
  • If GoldSim Academic is used to generate results which are published, we request that the GoldSim Technology Group be acknowledged in the paper (and informed of the publication).
  • If you are using GoldSim in a substantial manner after four months, then we request that you create a link to, anchored to the text phrase "simulation software". By "substantial", we mean using GoldSim actively in your teaching or research.
  • To renew an Academic license, we ask that you provide a brief description of how you have been using GoldSim, and maintain a link back to GoldSim from your website.
  • GoldSim Academic does not include technical support (although some support may be available via our User Forum).

GoldSim Research

GoldSim Research offers the same powerful features as GoldSim with no feature limitations whatsoever. GoldSim Research also includes technical support. GoldSim Research licenses, like GoldSim licenses, are permanent and do not expire.

Printed manuals are not provided for Research licenses. The manuals can be downloaded at no charge in pdf format, or bound printed copies can be purchased for a nominal cost at Amazon. Of course, all versions of GoldSim have a built-in Help system that fully documents the software.

If you are a researcher and wish to evaluate GoldSim, you can request a fully functional evaluation version to see if it meets your needs.

Restrictions and Terms

  • Research licenses are intended to be used by faculty at academic institutions for use on research projects. They are not intended for use by private or government-sponsored research laboratories and institutions.
  • Research licenses cannot be used for consulting or other commercial purposes. If you wish to use GoldSim on these types of projects, you would need to purchase a GoldSim commercial license.


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