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"I am relatively new to simulation and would like some general information."

The videos and links below are intended to help visitors who are relatively new to simulation, and are interested in a general overview of simulation and GoldSim.

Introductory Videos

GoldSim in a Nutshell   Moving Beyond Spreadsheets


  • Simulation Primer. These pages provide a brief introduction to simulation and how it can be used. If you are completely new to simulation, you should start here.
  • What is Monte Carlo simulation? One of the important features of GoldSim is that it is a probabilistic simulator that uses Monte Carlo simulation to represent uncertainty. This page gives a brief explanation of what this means.
  • What are the different kinds of simulation tools? Where does GoldSim fit in? Because simulation is such a powerful tool, a wide variety of simulation programs are available. This page provides a brief overview and comparison of the various categories of programs.
  • Selecting Simulation Software. This page provides suggestions and guidelines for selecting a simulation tool that meets your needs. Note that these guidelines do not favor any particular tool. We want you to pick the right tool for your specific application.
  • What can GoldSim do that I can't do in a spreadsheet? Nearly everyone has access to spreadsheet software and is familiar with its basic operation. As a result, spreadsheets are by far the most commonly used modeling and simulation tool. This page describes why spreadsheets are often the wrong tool for the job.
  • What kinds of applications can GoldSim be used for? This page provides a number of short descriptions of GoldSim applications to give you an idea of the kinds of problems it can be used to solve.
  • White papers and case studies. This page provides links to a number of easy-to-read white papers and short case studies describing how GoldSim can be used for a variety of applications.
  • GoldSim technical papers. This page provides links to a number of technical papers that describe GoldSim applications in detail.
  • About the GoldSim Technology Group. This page provides background information on our company.
  • Who uses GoldSim? GoldSim models are typically built by engineers, business modelers, scientists and other quantitative analysts. The ultimate audience for the models, however, is typically decision-makers (e.g., managers, regulators and other stakeholders). GoldSim is used by a wide range of government, commercial and academic organizations in over 40 countries. This page provides a partial list of our customers.


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